Tell the San Jose City Council: We need to pay our homeless neighbors to clean and beautify our city!

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Two separate problems have gotten worse: homelessness, and trash and blight. The pandemic is making solutions harder than ever to find.

The City listened, and Mayor Sam Liccardo launched San Jose Bridge to pay homeless individuals an hourly wage to pick up trash and beautify San Jose. San Jose Bridge helps our unhoused neighbors get back on their feet while helping our City recover from the pandemic-exacerbated blight.

To accelerate the impact, we just need to scale the pilot program, which has only served a few dozen people – but there are politicians on the San Jose City Council trying to undermine the expansion of this essential program.

On Tuesday, November 30th the Council has an opportunity to expand San Jose Bridge to help 200 more of our unhoused work their way off the streets—and to house them. Two council members say they want to reduce to study the program, even though their memo concedes that San Jose Bridge “provides a critical pathway to employment and services for our unhoused residents…while also clean[ing] our City.”

At Solutions, we know San Jose Bridge offers a critically needed response to an urgent crisis. Help us talk some sense into the politicians stalling solutions to homelessness and blight, and let’s get more of our homeless neighbors back on their feet.