Prevent Gun Violence in Our Community!

Yes! I support requiring gun-owning residents to maintain liability insurance

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On Tuesday, January 25, we can make San Jose the first city to implement innovative measures – through insurance and gun violence reduction programs– to reduce injuries and death from firearms.

In a nation with 300 million guns, no local solution will magically halt the horrors of shootings in any community. Still, we can do much to make gun ownership safer, and to reduce the weekly toll in our emergency rooms, our neighborhoods, and our families.

This program, if implemented, will require gun-owning residents to maintain liability insurance, just as we require of automobile drivers. We’ve seen how auto insurance has encouraged safer driving and the deployment of ABS brakes, airbags, and other measures that have reduced per-mile auto-related deaths 80% in the last fifty years. The City would also require that gun owners pay an annual fee to a non-profit foundation to fund evidence-based, local gun violence-reduction programs, such as domestic violence and suicide prevention, mental health, addiction treatment, and gun-safety training, primarily serving residents living in gun-owning households. 

Help us tell our representatives that we can save lives and reduce the risk of gun harm if we implement this innovative solution.