Our Solutions

Affordable Housing

New Housing in North San Jose: Help end Santa Clara’s 15-year legal battle with the city of San Jose that has held up development of up to 24,000 desperately needed housing units in North San Jose.


San Jose Bridge Program: Employs unhoused San Jose residents in job training, career planning programs, housing search and placement programs in San Jose.

End Homelessness By Expanding What Works: With the onslaught of the pandemic, San José moved aggressively to build quick-build apartment communities. Although apartment buildings typically take four or five years to develop – within a year, the City constructed three quick-build housing communities. We’re able to build this housing faster, and much more cost-effectively.

Water and Drought

Water Rate Accountability: Reduce rate hikes by stopping wasteful spending, starting with a wasteful $2.5 billion dam – the Pacheco Reservoir Expansion – that the Water District’s own experts publicly assert will provide “no new water supply,” and “no long-term drought supply.”

Crime and Safety

License Plate Readers: To address the Bay Area’s recent “smash-mob” burglaries and robberies, there is a proposal to allocate $250,000 for leasing license plate reading cameras to help SJPD better deter and make arrests for these crimes, as well as auto thefts and drive-by shootings.

Insurance and Gun Violence Reduction: This innovative program requires gun-owning residents to maintain liability insurance, just as we require of automobile drivers. The City would also require that gun owners pay an annual fee to a non-profit foundation to fund evidence-based, local gun violence-reduction programs, such as domestic violence and suicide prevention, mental health, addiction treatment, and gun-safety training, primarily serving residents living in gun-owning households.


SJ Aspires: Students in this program will receive financial awards as they complete different tasks connected to college and career readiness. Through this program, students may earn up to $5,000 to support their post-secondary educational goals.

Safely Reopen Schools: San Jose children — particularly our most vulnerable and youngest kids, from our hardest-hit neighborhoods — suffer every day from the lack of in-person learning. We need to prioritize the vaccination of our teachers and key staff — and get dozens of schools open for thousands of their kids.

Government Transparency and Accountability

Politicians should listen more, and talk less: Politicians are going on so long at city council meetings that by the time they are done, regular residents can hardly be heard. We should adopt reasonable time limits on politicians so that there is more time for public comment and input.

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